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Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Video Conferencing

Advanced cloud-based platforms have brought mobility to video conferencing. Now, you don’t have to remain confined either to your desktop or conference room to collaborate with your teams. All you need is a smart mobile device with a browser and camera, and you are hinged with any business collaboration from anywhere in the world. Mobility has not only changed our communication behavior, but has had a deep impact on the way business is conducted in these times of ever-evolving technology. Now businesses across the world manage and do much more with lesser human input or cost through audio video conferencing irrespective of number of employees a company holds, location of its offices or industry. Mobile video conferencing also helps in fostering better team and customer relationships via personal face-to-face interactions. However, these benefits of the technology also come with certain precautions which if not observed, may mar your and your business’s image.

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Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Video Conferencing : Wireless Router Printer
Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Video Conferencing : Wireless Router Printer

Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Video Conferencing

The following are a few dos and don’ts that professionals should be mindful of when undertaking a mobile video conference with the team members, clients, customers, etc.


1.    Always mount your mobile device on a stable stand before you start video conferencing. Keeping your mobile device in hand results in shaky video that distracts other participants. Also, do check the camera angle. It should always be pointing towards your face and some portion of your shoulders. Wrong camera angle, either a bit low or high, will result in a no engaging conversation.

2.    Always ensure that your background for the video call is neat and uncluttered. Switch on the camera and check how the background would appear to other participants during a video call. Any clutter in the background would result in distraction for others seeing you on their screens.

3.    Always make sure that your software is updated and is functioning well with all input and output streams. In many cases, we download the software on our desktops but forget to download or update the requisite software on our mobile devices. The software should also be checked for its compatibility and syncing with other components like camera, microphone, volume switches, control button, etc.

4.    Ensure that you have turned off all notifications, like text messages, social media updates and chats, before the video conference. It is distracting and sometimes embarrassing when your personal messages pop-up during a business call.

5.    Always turn off any software or updates that may conflict with your mobile video conferencing software. Turning off background software/applications also helps in freeing up the broadband bandwidth which is crucial for good quality video transmission via cloud. Turning off applications also help in not getting your mobile device hung up during an important business collaboration.

6.    Always do a dry run with someone like your friend or a colleague to ensure that everything is working well. It is disappointing to find out that some component is not working while the video call is on, and time is wasted with people waiting for you to rectify the issue.

7.    Be very mindful of the mute key on your smart mobile device. You should only unmute your device during a mobile video conference when you want to say something. This helps avoid unnecessary background noise of the place you are in to distract the other participants. Sometimes, you are out in a café or an airport or any other public place where there is music, traffic noise, and noise of the crowd that you don’t want to reach to your colleagues on the video call. And the mute key is the safest way to undertake a mobile video conference from anywhere without worrying about the sound.

8.    Always look into the eyes of the other participants on the video conference. The best way to do it to look into the camera. While it’s easier said than done, as our eyes prefer looking at the video of the people talking than into the camera, it’s advised that you drag the video window on the top of your screen, just under the camera. In this way, you will not appear looking down or in any other direction on others’ screens.


1.    Don’t interrupt others on a call. Listen attentively and if you have to interrupt or say something, raise your hand and let the speaker stop first to allow you. Also, be gentle, patient and polite if you don’t agree with others, or if there is some technical issue disrupting the audio or video broadcast. Try your best to make the virtual environment of collaboration pleasant and productive for yourself and other participants.

2.    Avoid wearing clothes with patterns and dark, shiny colors. Equally avoid bright solid colours like green, red, purple, etc. Any king of bright and very visible accessory like jewelry also distracts during the video conferencing. Prefer wearing soft colors in plain.

3.    Don’t forget to check the battery back-up or any other power back-up that may be required during the call. Ensure that your device is fully charged and the place you are in, if a room doesn’t go dark suddenly. Don’t keep the background applications running in your device as they may interfere with your call, besides consuming the battery.

4.    Don’t use speakerphone on a video conference. Always prefer to use headphones or a headset with a microphone. That will enhance the audio quality you hear and will also capture your voice clearly for others to hear. Also ensure that there is no echo in the place you are joining the video call from.

5.    Don’t appear casual in body language or your dressing when appearing for a video call. You should prepare for a mobile video conference with the same professionalism you show for a face-to-face meeting. Your body language should be composed, alert and attentive.

Taking care of these basic points will surely enhance your mobile video conferencing experience and would help you appear professional and prepared to others joining the call from different locations.
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Video conferencing etiquette for working professionals

Video conferencing is increasingly being adopted by businesses across the world to connect with their teams, clients, customers, etc. who are in different locations across different time zones. The advent of technology has made it all the more easier, accessible, and reliable for companies to opt for video conferencing, saving cost and time.
Video conferencing etiquette for working professionals: Wireless Router Printer
Video conferencing etiquette for working professionals

However, video conferencing should be regarded in the same space and accorded the same significance, urgency and preparation that go for a face-to-face meeting with clients, employees, and other teams. There are many crucial factors which if not given consideration and taken into account may mar the experience of video conferencing and leave other people on the video call frustrated and distracted.

It is imperative for companies to train their employees about the courtesies and etiquettes of video conferencing in order to make every session a useful, productive and pleasant experience. In long distance video conferencing, conditions at one end may have a major effect on the experience on the other end.

Preparation and sound check

A good and thorough preparation is very important before any meeting. Same applies for a video conferencing session. One should prepare very thoughtfully in order to make the video meeting smooth and professional.

•    Share the meeting agenda and other required documents with all the participants well in advance, probably a day before.

•    Ensure that the web links are shared in advance so that participants are able to access those during the meeting when necessary.

•    Documents to be shared should not be text heavy, and should have fewer lines, preferably in bullet points wherever possible. The font style should be simple and straight, and size should be above 20 points or higher for better visibility and readability.

•    Power point presentations should be prepared in large simple fonts with minimal text, not more than 5 lines per slide.

•    Meeting room should be well-lit, in combination of natural light and over head fluorescent lighting. The walls should not be too dark. There should not be visual distractions in the room like distracting posters, banners, etc. in the background.

•    The room should be free of any clutter like piles of boxes in the background. The table should be free from unwanted stationery, eatables, cutlery, dishes, mobile phones, sunglasses, old coffee mugs, etc.

•    Check that all the files, power point presentations, audio video integration files are functional at all systems and that everyone can see and hear those.

•    Check the conference room about 45 minutes prior to the meeting to ensure that seating arrangement is proper, lighting is adequate, and camera angle is properly aligned and focused to cover all the participants in frame.

•    Do a check on all the video and audio systems including microphones, speakers, cameras, and ensure that everyone is familiar with the features and system installed. Check the mute option for every participant.

•    Always wear light coloured clothes in pastel and muted hues. Solid dark colours are a distraction on screen at the other end. Avoid large, dense patterns which may cause distraction and may not be easy on eye at the other end. Avoid plaids, stripes, polka dots, etc. and shiny jewellery or accessories which may cause glare in video.

•    Reduce environmental noise. Turn off fans, shut the doors and windows, set mobile phones and other beeps/signals on silent, lower the ringtone volume of office phones nearby, lower the alert sounds on computer and instant messaging services.

•    Ensure that there are name labels for every person or team when connecting to multi-point teams.

•    If there is an operator or service person allocated, ensure that the person is available in advance and is completely familiar with the equipment and camera.

During the video conference

Following are the points which should be taken care of during the video conference. Team members attending the video conference for the first time should be trained and briefed about the mannerism and courtesies during an on-going call.

•     Every participant should speak in a normal tone of voice as if one is talking to another person in the same room. Video conferencing solutions has advanced a great deal, and the microphones embedded with the system are powerful enough to pick up sound from distances across the conference room. Unnecessary loud or modulated voice may sound very jarring on the other end.

•    One should introduce oneself before starting the conversation and let the people on the other end introduce themselves. This will also check the sound and video consistency before conference starts off.

•    Maintain eye contact with the team on the screen as if you are speaking to them face-to-face. Always look in the camera instead of the screen while talking.

•    One should not fidget, or make distracting movements like swaying, rocking, or pacing. Your body movements should be natural and fluidic.

•    One should strictly avoid checking mails, reading articles, checking Facebook, or such activities while in a video conference. This makes one appear as inattentive, distracted and not focused, which is not very encouraging for the people on the other end. One should remain as attentive and professional as one would be in a face-to-face meeting.

•    Always mute your microphone when not speaking. The microphones of video conferencing systems are powerful instruments which may pick sounds of a plastic wrapper, a crushed paper, tapping of finger or pen, etc.

•    Video and audio signals usually have some delay or latency in broadcast. So always speak in a bit slower and clearer manner, letting the audio to reach in time. Always take breaks in between while talking allowing the people at the other end to receive the signals properly.

•    In the end, allow enough time to all the participants to summarize, review the points discussed and decisions taken. There should be enough closure space.

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How you can fix your WiFi signals in the easiest possible way with the help of a router

How you can fix your WiFi signals in the easiest possible way with the help of a router:Wireless Router Printer

How you can fix your WiFi signals in the easiest possible way with the help of a router

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It is unbelievable to think that ten years ago, we used to consider our internet speed really fast. It is so crazy to even imagine now, but we were like that. Though we used to dial in to log into our internet and get just 28kbps download speed which is very slow if we compare it to the today's average download speed but at that time, it was our bliss. During that time, we used to get roughly around 100 Mbps (megabits per second, Mb is used to denote upload and download speed) and at home, we used to get just 200-300Mbps download speed (megabytes per second, used to denote file size), and we were happy downloading at this speed using our all-time favorite Time Warner Cable Internet.

During that time, we used to think that 3-4Mbps was fast but we now think even 250Mbps is not enough. This shows that within a span of ten to 20 years, our data consumption speed has increased manifolds, which has made us more dependent on WiFi connection, which is the reason why we are encountering WiFi issues these days more than before. Therefore, the need to cater all these WiFi issues has also increased to a great extent. You need to log into it through your browser with a network cable you can also take help from  assignment help | Assignmentdoer

And people have come up with solutions like checking WiFi signal speeds and strength using Android Smartphone, removing gear that causes a lot of interference, blanketing your home in WiFi signal by using the latest technology but among all of them, there are three easiest methods that you can think of using to fix your WiFi signals:
•    Reset your Router
•    Find the right spot in your house to fix your router
•    Upgrade your router

Reset your router

One of the easiest ways to fix your WiFi signals is by resetting your router. Though people don't understand the fact that all tech related products need to be reset from time to time but it is one solution that people can apply in order to fix their WiFi issues. You need to understand the fact that just like computer or smartphone, routers are also built on a firmware and it cannot be perfect all the time. There are many things that can happen to it, for example, information can get jammed up in your router, and for which you will need a simple reset so instead of getting worried, try to reset your router so that data and information can flow easily.

Fix your router at the right place in your home

One of the other ways through which you can use fix your WiFi issues is by finding the right place in your house to place a router. Doors, cupboards, doors, cabinets, and walls all play a vital role in obstructing the path of WiFi signals. Thicker walls with plaster and latest interfere the path of WiFi signals more than the drywall. Similarly, houses made of concrete and brick, also face the issue of having low WiFi signals. So never place your router in a hidden place like AV cabinet or TV. Instead, try to keep it in an open spot at your home like desk or mantle.

Upgrade your router

One of the other ways to improve your WiFi signals is by upgrading your router. You need to understand the fact that all routers vary from one another just like your smartphones. And this is the reason why their issues also from each other. Budget routers experience those issues that high end routers do not and vice versa. So instead of spend a lot of money on smartphones, tablets, and TVs to connect them to the cheapest router, try to replace your old router with a new one.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
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For Interrupted network best Wi-Fi routers

Are you getting the poor speed of Internet or very slow Wi-Fi connection?

Here are few best routers for your proper network coverage.

If you are a freelancer or preferring work from home, then getting good internet connection is must, But suppose your Wi-Fi router is creating problems like slow connectivity of internet or connectivity problem even after promises of your Internet Service Provider or ISP and after doing all essential things, your router is not responding properly according to your requirement.  Then definitely it is very important to move to a new Wi-Fi Router.

If you’re looking to set up your office or business from home in that case Wi-Fi network of your house should be rapid and stable. Today, I am sharing information about some best router who will help you to connect to your network without any kind of problems.

TP-Link Talon AD7200

For Interrupted network best Wi-Fi routers: Wireless Router Printer
This router is based on 802.11 AD Wireless, its first router who is using it. Mostly we all know that connectivity speed of Ethernet is always fast but, sometimes its speed is even better than the connectivity of Ethernet. That’s why it’s counted as fastest router among all. The drawback is that its range is not that good compared to its Rivals, and signals of this router cannot go through the walls of rooms. If you are planning to install this router in an office where several cabins will be, then you have to think again but if you want to extract total speed from your Wi-Fi router then it is a good choice.
About specification of this router, it’s a Gigabit Eethernet modem and based on 802.11 ad standards as I already told you about that Speed of TP-Link Talon AD7200 is 4,600 Megabits per second or 60 Gigahertz, 1,733 MBPS or 5GHZ, 800 Mbps or 2.4 GHZ. It has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1gigabit Ethernet WAN, and 2 USB3 Ports.

Easy installation of a Wireless or Wi-Fi Router


Linksys LRT224

For Interrupted network best Wi-Fi routers:Wireless Router Printer
If your business needs VPNs which should come in your budget, the Linksys LRT224 is well worth your time. With support for up to 50 clients Configuring Site to Site IPSec VPNs, Over and above for PPTP and open VPN configuration. That’s why it is utmost versatile router option at this price.

Its Performance is not up to the mark; Still, Linksys improvise it with accurate resources of online help and documentation, confirming its setup should be very easy. One more important thing is also there that in such a low price no other router is providing features of VPN.

TP-Link Archer C3200

For Interrupted network best Wi-Fi routers: Wireless Router Printer
If you are looking for Tri-band wireless routers, then you do not need to go beyond your budget. As TP-Link Archer C3200 is available, and it’s a quite economical option, that accommodates competent speed and pleasant range under price Approx $185.

Certainly, C3200 is not good as compared to other expensive routers or we can say rivals. It does not support MU (Multi User)-MIMO (multiple-input and multiple outputs) comparatively, also do not support Wireless standards like 802.11ad. If you do not want a router with Wi-Fi standard, anyhow, the TP-Link Archer C3200 is a great router.

It’s a Gigabit Ethernet Modem with 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards, with certain Speed of 1,300 Megabits per seconds. It has 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN, and 1 USB3.

DrayTek Vigor 2860Ln

For Interrupted network best Wi-Fi routers: Wireless Router Printer
Vigor 2860LN is one of best Router out of wonderful Range of SMB Routers of DrayTek, which comes with built-In features of security as well as web filter which is based on Keywords like SSL VPN and SPI firewall.

Only 802.11n Wireless Standard and 2.4 GHz frequency is supported by Vigor 2860LN Router. However, you are looking for strong Support of VPN and features like security wrap and extravagance, I do not think that you will get any better option than the Vigor2860LN router.

TP-Link Archer VR2600

For Interrupted network best Wi-Fi routers: Wireless Router Printer
TP-Link Archer is sincerely an influential router which supports Wireless Standards like MU-MIMO and 4*4 MIMO and comes with the top speed of 1,733 MBPS. The Great feature of this router is that it supports almost every sort of Internet connectivity, Hence to set up Wireless connection will not be a problem for you or we can say it’s easy to set up.

All in all, It is a good package which comes with advanced technology and features. Even you can go for TP-Link Archer VR600 which is available for approximately $249.60, which is a very less cost if you are looking for a router with great features in any router.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter


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How To Resolve Restart Of Windows Automatically Without Any Warning

How To Resolve Restart Of Windows Automatically Without Any Warning: Wireless Router Printer
How To Resolve Restart Of Windows Automatically Without Any Warning

Software issue or error

From that time Microsoft windows released their XP version, Feature from Microsoft had been introduced that windows will restart or reboot automatically at the time of appearing blue screen on it. Even though its might be good for that kind of error which do not happen on regular basis but for those who all are getting same problems again and again, defiantly they want to know the problem and want to get rid of it by troubleshooting them. I mentioned few steps for you so that you can disable or enable feature of restart computer automatically in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

   1 Right click on my computer option on your computer's desktop.
   2 Select Properties option.
   3 In new window Select Advanced system settings or advanced tab option.
   4 In Advanced system setting, Under Start-up and Recovery option, select Settings.
   5 New Window of Start-up and Recovery will appear, deselect option of "Automatically restart".
   6 Select OK.

If you are getting an error message on screen, your computer will not restart automatically. The error message which mostly display on your computer screen will be of Blue screen.

Issues with computer Hardware

If you have tried any new hardware in your computer and it's fail to install. In that case your computer or Laptop could give any error or restart without any kind warning. Immediately you need to remove the hardware from computer in order to avoid any kind of issues.

Make sure when you are looking into device manager for bugs or errors, you do not get any conflicts related to hardware.

Drivers of hardware can create issues too. Might be the drivers you have installed on computer, it does not support them. In that case you can try their earlier or old version on computer.

If, you have recently removed any hardware and updated any drivers and your computer gets restart again and again it may be possible memory of your computer or laptop is corrupted.

Ultimately, the reason of your computer restart could also occur due to failure of hardware installation. Hence you need to make sure that all expansion cards and cable inside the computer are connected perfectly. The best method to check is to disconnect each and every cable and expansion card and again reconnect it.

Virus in Computer

There are few viruses available like Blaster Virus who is responsible to restart computer every time without any intimation or warning. Normally what these type of viruses do, after your computer has started after every 5 to 10 minutes or maximum thirty minutes your computer gets restart and the process occurs again and again. So, if you feel there is a virus in your computer or laptop, you need to make sure that a good quality antivirus should be installed on your system and if antivirus is already there, it should be timely updated.

Heating issue

Technology is improving day by day so that's why number of computers are available in market who are manufactured on that basis if, processor of your computer, VC(Video Card) or any other important device in computer are very hot while functioning then your system will automatically restart. Suppose you are getting unusual noise from your computer recently, it could indicates that the fan of your computer is not properly working or has stopped working and if fan of computer does not work then obviously other components in CPU will overheat and what results will come after that we all know.

So, Very first thing which you need to do is to check that fan of your power supply is moving perfectly, i mean it’s working fine as it should move fast. Let me tell you all hat there are number of fans on your computer like fan of processor, Fan of case and video and graphic card fan also. Hence in Oder to verify working of all other fans properly you can open your computer and check if, all are working smoothly.

These days temperature gun is available which can be useful to measure the temperature of all components in computer whether they are hardware or joined circuits inside it.

If you are using a laptop not to worry, you can also check fan of it is working properly or its overheating. Fan of laptop will on any one side of it. You need to check if your laptop is throwing hot air or not. Even you can feel heat by putting your hand in front of fan of laptop and suppose you feel your laptop is overheating then cooling pads for laptop are available in market you can use them also.

Operating system Issues

Suppose your computer is getting restart again and again after performing all suggestions I gave and if you mostly getting issues with your Windows OS (Operating system). You can restart you computer and when you get boot screen on computer enter setup of CMOS and do not perform anything on your computer for some time, leave it idle. You have perform CMOS setup and tried each and every solutions I recommended, you can activate restore your windows and even if it’s also not working then you do not have any other choice except re installation of your windows operating system.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
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Let Us Know About The Best Printers According to Use

When we talk about best printer to choose from, obviously it can be a little bit of difficult job for us because there are number of printers are available in market these days. Today i will share about few printers out of which you can select printers with correct model and type.

Let Us Know About The Best Printers According to Use:Wireless Router Printer
Let Us Know About The Best Printers According to Use

According to need which printer you should go?

We can very easily categorize the printers for their useful methods based on the purpose of printer, technology and intention to use printer i.e. either for home or for office. If, you will keep these three things in mind then I am sure you will on the right path to get a suitable printer for you. 

Maximum printers include many inkjet printers which also known as printers for general function or purpose, there are commonly using in photos, text printing and for graphics work. Printers with special purpose consist of portable printers, dedicated or like dedicated printer and laser-printers. If you are in search for a printer for print, photos etc., acknowledge either want to print for photos only or you want a printer that can also perform other tasks other than print photos. 

Printers for general purpose aim to target for photos if they designed for use in homes or for text if they designed to use in offices. There are many printers are available in the market who are designed for dual purpose like for homes and as well as offices but ultimately it depends upon your usage of printer.

Two famous technologies for printer i.e. Inkjet and laser printers progressively go beyond in ability to perform but still there are disparities. The most important thing is that printing by approx all laser printer is of superior quality rather than any inkjet printers and inkjet printer print superior quality photos overcoming of most of laser printers. So at the end it is you who need to decide which technology for you is best, Inkjet for photo printing or laser printer for text printing.

What you need Multi function printer or single function printer?

If we talk about general-purpose printing, extra efficiency means choosing an MFP or Multifunction printers, also known as an all-in-one or AIO. It includes other features like faxing from system and email scanning. Normally printers in offices add an ADF or automatic document feeder for scanning, copying, faxing number of pages and pages for legal size. Few automatic document feeder or ADF can also hold documents with two sides. It can scan one side of document then flip the page after that scan other side of document or it will apply two sensors in order to scan both sides of document on a single time. 

Few Multi function printers providing extra printing options also, Like printer who are Web enabled, available for both home and as well for office, we can directly connect them to internet with the help of Wi-Fi in order to access and take print of the selected or chosen content, you do not need to do any work and you can get it from your computer. There are number of multi function printers which enable you to print images and documents with hand controlled devices. Few models of printers are there which will enables you to email your documents to your printer, after that you can take print of them.

Do You Need to Print in Color?

Let Us Know About The Best Printers According to Use : Wireless Router Printer
Let Us Know About The Best Printers According to Use
If you want the printer for home use only than you may need color but if you want in office where you need to print documents only than you do not need to go for color printer. The best thing to save more money on color printing when it comes to print handouts and brochures, you should choose going to nearest printing shop as it saves you more money than printing on your own printer.

How Much Space Do You Have for Your Printer?

You need to make sure what the size of your printer is, May be few home printers can be that large they cannot adjust with your desk, and printer are also available which are small and will be easily adjustable. On the other hand, these days’ numbers of printers are increasing day by day which are coming in very compact sizes who can adjust very easily into the small area of your apartments, offices, homes etc.

How Will You Connect?

Along with USB port on printers, Ethernet ports are available in many office and home printers these days; hence very easily on network you can connect your printer. Most are available with Wi-Fi efficiency. Even it’s not available in printer and on your network you have the facility of Wi-Fi access point, you will be able to do printing on your network with the help of Wi-Fi, even if your printer provides the facility of Wi-Fi or not. Printers which are coming with Wi-Fi features they can directly connect with the device who is Wi-Fi, even though your computer cannot support the facility Wi-Fi Direct. There are printers available in the market which can be connected to our mobile phones and can print with the help of NFC or (Near Field Communication) by selecting the tablet or phone to a specific mark on printer.

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What Level of Output Quality Do You Need?

Printers differ according to quality of their output. You need to take care of many things at the time of printer selection separately like photo printing, text and graphics; even then it does not mean the output for one thing form a high quality printer is also same for the other things.

How About Speed?

If your requirement from a printer is to print only few pages like one or two then perhaps you do not need that printer which can print fast but if you need to print long and number of documents and pages then surely speed matters a lot. It means you are in need of a laser printer. According to claims, laser printers claims for faster speed to print text documents which don't require more processing time. Even Inkjets printers sometimes claim to provide faster speeds than more costly laser printers, but normally they cannot prove their claims.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Secure Browser To Control Privacy And Security of browser

I have already shared information about the different search engines for the security of privacy policy in my earlier post "Are you really Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines". Today i will let you know about the security on internet browsers.
Secure Browser To Control Privacy And Security of browser:Wireless RouterPrinter
Secure Browser To Control Privacy And Security of browser
In spite of all promotions and considerations that enclose the famous browsers on internet, there are few better options on the internet rather than big internet browsers, if you recognize.They are not as famous as commonly known internet browsers but they have excellent selling points and features as well. We all are aware about this thing very well that whats our biggest concern these days is? I know everyone will think their own way but let me realize you all, its safety and privacy of our data on the internet which we all never wants to compromise at any cost.
Secure Browser is developed on the basis of total privacy for its users, it has commitment that Usage history of user on internet could not track now or later. It is the reason whenever you will close the Secure browser after use of it all cookies, search History etc. will be automatically deleted. I know it may cause irritation for those who want to see in past what data or information they have searched, But i am sure those who are aware about the risk of sharing important information of them like banking information or work related information will be valuable for them.

Although it only avoid intruders who can acquire access on your laptops or computers. The point of worry is what about the real time security or protection? Need not to worry Secure Browser will provide you with the feature to activate its tracking. No matters which website you have opened, it won't let site know you were browsing or working on that particular website.

But that only prevents outsiders who’ve gained access to your computer or device from seeing what you’ve been up to. What about real-time protection? Secure Browser gives you the option to activate its tracking protection feature. Even the sites you visit won’t know you’ve been there.

The biggest security risk in browsing is the method users use to connect online, that is why Secure Browser marked it as encryption. As per company with Secure Browser

you can encode or encrypt your information with so many big websites without losing the security in browsing. It will automatically change number of websites from secure HTTPS from insecure HTTP while you are working online. Company is saying they have enable HTTPS everywhere in place of HTTP with the help of ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION to arrange the services.

While browsing Secure Browser offers "Safe Mode" Option which is powered by GOOGLE, which will helps you to get alerts from harmful website and auspicious code activities from time to time. As google intimate its users at time of browsing and surfing, in the same was Secure Browser will give you intimation.

Still all Privacy and security will be of no use till the time you won't get good speed. Loading of page issue has been already pointing by Secure browser to delay by advertising at the beginning. According to the company more than 50% of time is taking by coming ads on the browsers at the time of loading of page, and features of AD-Blocking are not only bothered you while it destroy your time too. As expected speed of browser starts at the beginning and Secure Browser has been developed on the technology of chromium rendering engine to make sure site should load quickly and without any kind of difficulty.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

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Netgear Nighthawk X10 Wireless AD Router

Netgear has launched its new router Nighthawk X10 in the market and claims as fastest router of the world. The reason why it’s claimed to be the fastest router because it’s built on WIRELESS AD-Hoc technology that is certainly used by lots of devices at these days, but we are already involved with connectivity of Wireless AC, Hence there won’t be too many  devices available for supporting Wireless AD. Anyhow, for existing devices it looks significant for connectivity of wireless for the next generation.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 Wireless AD Router :Wireless Router Printer
Image credit: Netgear Nighthawk X10 Wireless AD Router

The total combined speed of The Nighthawk X10 is up to 7,200 MBPS or Megabits per second,  That’s why its router of AD7200 class. We can see its break down as on 2.4 Gigahertz or GHz band its speed can go up to 800 Megabits per second, On 5 Gigahertz its 1,733 Megabits per second and for new 60 Gigahertz band it can support speed of 4,600 Megabits per second or MBPS. The speed of recent two bands possible as router performs into four different streams for each further. 

Let’s take example of 2.4 Gigahertz it divided into 4 parts driving ahead at 433 Megabits per seconds. About 5 Gigahertz the band also abides into four flows with the speed of 200 Megabits per seconds, at the same time speed of 4,600 Megabits per seconds will be provided all together on 60 Gigahertz or GHz. Which means complete ultimate speed will be performed by one router like speed of 7.2 Gigabits per seconds with Nighthawk X10 router, is considerably confusing by saying that a device which performs all connections at one time will never be available.

If, we go more technically, Router is mechanized with a quad core processor performs on 1.7 Gigahertz which supports more than 20 devices at the same time. For a pipeline of large transmission, router arranges 40 Megahertz and 20 Megahertz in calculation of 160 Megahertz channel or we can say with great numbers router can load more data into its network to device.
As of now no implication is there about the composition of two 80 Megahertz channels by Netgear altogether.

The Netgear router consist ports of 10 Gigabit which designed to support connectivity with fiber and for devices of external storage or a printer which is compatible on network, 2 USB3.0 Ports has already added. 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports are also available. FROM 6 Gigabits ports two ports supports mode for aggregation of line which basically merge to create a super fast wired connection of 2GBPS. Wi-Fi signal are transmitted by 4 patent pending external active antennas.

Apart from the technical side, Netgear Nighthawk X10 has in built Plex Media Server. Don’t worry, if you do not know about it. It’s a famous resolution to provide stored media on free Plex apps which you can easily get on Tablets, Apple TV, Game consoles, Tablets etc. Local media will be scan by server and then send to library, from there can get access of content from anywhere with the help of Plex app. You can share libraries with your friends who already using Plex app on their smart phones and tablets etc.
User will be able to view the entire media want to see that can be store on an external dedicated storage device which will be connected to your router directly. User can have access of media from anywhere. It is the reason why it has not any involved attached device for storage or dependent parental control. Only limitation of accessing Plex is this there are charges to subscribe features that are premium as parental controls, viewing of offline media, DVR and so on. In order to get the details about all services users will be provided with free Plex pass for three months with router.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 is not the only AD router in the market now. Also there are other wireless AD routers available for the users. User can also go for them.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Want to know the IP Address Of Your Netgear Router

These days approx everybody knows how to access internet on computer or laptop and for its connectivity router are must but if you ask anyone what is IP Address of your Router, Hardly few of us are aware about it.

So, Today I will make you understand with the help of my article that how to get IP Address of your current NETGEAR router.
Want to know the IP Address Of Your Netgear Route: Wireless Router Printer
Want to know the IP Address Of Your Netgear Route
Either or will be by default IP Address of your NETGEAR router.
To get information about your router, in the address bar of your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer etc) you need to enter or
      -  By entering these urls if you get message on your computer screen that Web page not available or Page cannot be displayed, It simply means might be the IP Address have changed.


Always remember that while using internet your system or device should be connected to router with Wireless or cable connection because automatically router will get IP Address of system which you will use. If you want to know the current IP Address of your NETGEAR router then you will require to install in order to get automatic IP Address, in case static IP is being used by your system or device.

As per your Operating system follow the below mentioned options to get the IP Address for Netgear router:
For computers based on Windows operating system use Command Prompt option
  1. Go to Start button and select All Programs option.
  2. Select Accessories and after that click on Command Prompt.
  3. In Command prompt type Ipconfig and press Enter key.
  4. Find Default Gateway. In front of it you will get your router’s IP Address.
Want to know the IP Address Of Your Netgear Route: Wireless Router Printer
Want to know the IP Address Of Your Netgear Route

Windows 8

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel select Network and Internet option.
  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center.
  4. Select Change adapter settings.
  5. You will get Network Connections window, Find network connection you wish to see the default gateway IP.
    Always remember the mostly On Windows 8 systems generally wired network connection will be mentioned as Ethernet, and wireless connection will mention as Wi-Fi.
  6. Click on the network connection. Dialog box either with Ethernet or Wi-Fi Status will open.
  7. Click on Details button option.
  8. In Network Connection Details page, Under the Property tab, find IPv4 Default Gateway or IPv6 Default Gateway, It will depend on the network  you are accessing and it is the IP Address of your router.

 Windows 7

  1. In the task bar or system tray on the right side click on network connection or internet access  icon and select second option Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2. If your system is connected to the router with the help of Wire, select Local Area Connection and if its connected wirelessly, click Wireless Network Connection.
  3. Next click on Details option. The IP Address of your router will display in front of IPv4 Default Gateway.

Windows Vista

  1. Go to Start menu and right click on Network option, and from Network Choose Properties. Network and Sharing Center window will open.
  2. If system is connected to router with cable, select View Status to the right side of Local Area Connection. If connected with Wi-Fi, select View Status to the right side of Wireless Network Connection.
  3. Select Details option. Router’s IP address will come opposite to IPv4 Default Gateway.  

Windows XP

  1. On the Start menu, right click on My Network Places option then click on Properties option.
  2. Again if system is connected to router with cable, select View Status to the right side of Local Area Connection. If connected with Wi-Fi, select View Status to the right side of Wireless Network Connection.
  3. Select Support option after that select Details option. New window will appear the screen IP Address of router.
If you have any questions then feel free to ask me via comment. As soon as possible i will answer your queries.

If this post was helpful then please keep on sharing  it and Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.
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